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Looking for an easy way to free up cash flow? This is one of the simplest.

Love them or hate them, subscription services are a part of the smooth functioning of most businesses globally. At Sirius Rose, we recently ran an audit of the subscription services we pay for, and in two hours we identified a service we weren’t utilising, and another one that was no longer the most competitive option in both cost and range of services. By auditing our subscriptions, we found a better service for our productivity and freed up $150/month in cash flow.

We aren’t alone in paying too much for services or worse, paying for services that are no longer being used by the team! In fact, this is something that Milind Kulkarni from Samartha Information Systems sees every day.

We have seen that clients have multiple software subscriptions but are not using them or paying too much for the minimum functionality they need. If they have worked for big corporations, they try to get corporate software that is a good fit for the bigger organisation but not necessary for a startup or SME sector.

How to run an audit on your subscriptions:
Create a comprehensive list of your current subscriptions. Include details such as price, payment schedule, and a list of team members that have access. Think of all areas of your business such as productivity workflow, bookkeeping software, social media services.
Ask your team, whoever has access, to answer the following questions:
How many times have you used the subscription service in the last three months?

After completing the audit, you’ll have a clearer picture of what services you use and the services you aren’t using. Contact someone like Milind to help you find solutions and services that can do all that you need, for a great price.